Our Services

It is not easy to organize a unique occasion. All details need special attention and there are a number of stages to go through such as planning, referrals, quotations, contracting vendors, organizing schedules and transforming all into a Great Day, “it is months of planning and only hours for it to come true”. On the day of the event, the focus is coordinating the work of several different vendors, each one with its own team, timetable, duties and schedule. Finally, during the event, it is important to make sure that all works as planned, hosts and guests are happy and enjoying every moment. There is no formula of success, each event is unique, each host has a different expectation but one thing is sure, neither the hosts, nor their friends or relatives would be able to look after each detail. That is our duty, to ensure the fulfillment of all contracts at the highest standard of services. Our services include: ENLACES PLATINUM – consists of a full service planning, offering assistance with design, organization, planning resources, referrals of qualified professionals and coordination of the events leading up to the “Greatest day of your life”. ENLACES DIAMOND – through this option, you may choose up to ten services among a list of wedding planning steps and for the services chosen, we will assist you on the difficult task of planning resources, referrals, choosing the right professional, quotations and meetings’ coordination leading to the final signing of the contract with the chosen vendor. This option is for those who have already started their planning but need assistance and guidance at specific areas along the way to the realization of a perfect day. ENLACES GOLD – the perfect option for those who have done all the planning and value their investment and efforts on designing a perfect day. A Wedding Day Coordinator is the professional who will guide you through the final details and orchestrate the realization of your dream.